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Why do we choose sailing camp?
The great sailing is more than a dream far beyond your expectation, it is a glorious art and profound science from which you could learn about the mystery of physics, meteorology and aerodynamics . We hope to inspire everyone to pursue a sailing dream for the rest of their lives and witness sincere friendship you would establish through sailing activity.

Why do we choose Vanhang?
Powerful association: Vanhang is established by Beijing Sailing Center and Vanke

BSC,Beijing Sailing Center, has been promoting Sailing sport in mainland China for 8 years. With international safety management and a world-class training system, BSC enjoys rich experience in camp operation.

Vanke is the biggest real estate company in China. It owns the China’s first yacht club, Langqi and the most splendid beach, Twin-moon bay resort. Vanke is now committed to helping the youth’s growth.

Following the principles of ISAF strictly, Vanhang has IYT(International Yacht Training)recognition and adopts IYT advanced training system. We provide internationally recognized coach team, standard lifesaving equipments as well as professional sailing boats.

IYT is an international authority system, which is adopted by 41 countries and 150 institutes worldwide. It has been estimated that nearly 85% top sailors benefited from IYT. It is fit for not only small sailing boat, but also 33-meter-long boat and big cargo vessel that weighs as much as 200 tons.

Vanhang has the most optimized coach team structure, 10 foreign coaches with RYA and 30 Chinese coaches with IYT. We use English boats that show perfect design and stable performance. Our sailing boat , from its main sail, fore sail to ball sail, must be the best tool for sailing of all levels.

Safety: We offer water water sport insurance service for each camper.

The ratio for campers and coach is 6 to 1 while the campers and life teacher is 10 to 1. All coaches have been well-trained to give first aid at any emergency. Meanwhile, every participant is required to put on helmet in case of accidental injury in boat turning practice. Special life jackets are made in England, which have collar support to always keep your head over the water and thus prove a lot safer than others. Beside, lifeboats are ready around to save in each water activity.

With tropical marine climate, the Sanya base is regarded as the oriental Hawaii and enjoys 4 summers in a year. The Longcheer Yacht Club and Twin moon bay resort are located in Shenzhen . As in subtropical monsoon climate, no freezing winter and sultry summer makes it a perfect environment for all-year sailing. Longcheer Yacht Club is on the famous Jidiaosha Shore, southern part of Shenzhen. It faces the Daya bay, the best one in Guangdong province, where you could enjoy the clean water and beautiful environment.