Promoting Sailing with a Sincere Heart
——Popularization action plan made by Vanke & Vanhang Sailing

Good news for children who are keen on sailing. To popularize sailing and to inspire more youth to experience and love sailing, Vanke Education and Vanhang Sailing, aiming at largely popularizing sailing within three years and making it a sport that known, experienced and loved by the majority, launched a popularization action plan for sailing on October 2015.


Three highlights for the plan

1. 6000 RMB cap for annual sailing consumption
Vanke Education and Vanhang Sailing will provide subsidy for extra cost if your consumption, which includes attending sailing course, involving in monthly sailing regatta held by Vanhang Sailing, and sailing practice and etc., add up to 6000 RMB. (Subsidy will be granted if your consumption in 2015 has exceeded 3000 RMB)

2. Youth, aged 8 to 18, are charged with 80% of the price of adults for sailing courses and can enjoy tiered pricing, if he purchases the courses for many times.(The ceiling price is at most 64% of the price of adults)

Sailing Course Adult Price Teenager Price
IYT青铜课程(16课时)- 航海起步 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT白银课程(16课时)- 扬帆起步 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT黄金课程(16课时)- 独立航行(自如驾驭帆船) 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT黄金课程(16课时)- 自由航行(掌握导航技巧) 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT黄金课程(16课时)- 工具配用(熟料操控球帆) 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT黄金课程(16课时)- 更快(不利气候下航海) 2500RMB 2000RMB
IYT黄金课程(16课时)- 比赛(帆船比赛技能及规则) 2500RMB 2000RMB
* 青少年首次购买价格为2000元,二次购买价格为1800元,三次及三次以上价格为1600元。
* 备注:课程考试未通过者,只需交纳500元训练费即可。获得教练指导,可免费用船训练,补考无论几次均免费。

3. Youth are charged 80% of the price of adults for practice and charge of free for the whole year if the practice time add up to above 5 days.

帆船练习 成人价格 青少年价格
Omega 600元/天;400元/半天 480元/天;240元/半天
Topaz或Taz 500元/天;300元/半天 400元/天;200元/半天
费用封顶 帆船练习累计五天以上,全年免费用船



Do you want to experience sailing with your kids? Do you want to have a look of the blue ocean and understand what a vast sky really mean? Do you want to witness the moment when your kids show their courage and confidence? Do you want to have your own unique memory? Thus, what matters is that you and your kids are stay together. For this Vanhang Sailing can give you a hand.

Parent-child(at least 1 child and 1 parent) can charged with the same price as the youth provided signing up the sailing course before December 31, 2015.